Are your bags waterproof?

We consider our products to be water resistant as opposed to fully waterproof.

What is a zippered interior pocket?

A zippered interior pocket is an 8" H x 8" L pouch that is stitched to the top of the interior of the bag. It hangs freely at the bottom, resting against the back of the bag, and well above the bottom of the bag. It serves as a stash pocket for valuables, keys, and ice cream money.

Why doesn't the bag I received look exactly like it did on the website?

All of our sails have been sailed on boats long before coming to our shop. While we wash the material, our product may have signs of hard sailing and its previous life on the ocean or lake. In addition to character marks like water spots and rust, it's also common for our products to have other features from the original sail like stitching or hardware. We believe all these facets speak to the authenticity of our recycled sail products and make each bag wholly unique.

What is the repair policy?

ASea Bags are built for adventure and made to last, but normal wear and tear will occur over time. Sea Bags reserves the right to charge for any repair that is the result of regular use over time. Pricing will range depending on the extent of the repair and the labor required. For more information on sending your bag in for repair, please view our returns page.

How do I care for my Sea Bags products?

Most of our products can be machine washed and hung to dry. Any product with leather or navy and black handles should be spot-cleaned only. To machine-wash, we recommend using a little bit of a mild detergent and cold water on a gentle cycle.